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Home School Initiatives


Grow Together School was born out of the need for a private sovereign educational community for parents, students and teachers. As a group of concerned parents, teachers and citizens we united to provide a solution for many of the cracks being revealed in the education system. We created this platform to put the connection, growth and empowerment back into the hands of parents and teachers.

We are not a top-down education organisation. We prioritise individuality within decentralised group systems connecting on a larger network.

The Team at 'Grow Together School' are busy building an App to connect Parents with Teachers in the Community.

If you would like to view a video on how the 'Grow Together School' functions, it's features and how you can benefit from it, please click the button below:

For more information, visit: www.growtogetherschool.com.au


Personalised one on one or small group tutoring in Ocean Shores, provides a unique opportunity for students to explore the course in depth and improve skills in a very short time. The beauty of this method is in the speed at which proficiency in arithmetic may be attained.

Pebble Maths is suitable for all learning styles, visual, tactile and kinaesthetic. Children with dyslexia and dyscalculia find great relief from the stress of school learning with Pebble Maths. Many learners find conventional teaching methods hard to understand. This method enables all students to understand.

Everyone from beginner learners, those with learning difficulties to those who have achieved already but with a struggle, can open open up mental capacity and explore the flow-on creative possibilities of Pebble Maths.

This system, by exploring the patterns that are inherent in the play of the numbers, enables the students to add, subtract, multiply and divide mentally with ease. This creates confidence, not only in mathematics as there is a flow on effect in every aspect of of their lives.

Vera has written a teachers' manual for professional teachers as well as home school parents, tutors and all students who wish to further their understanding of mathematics. She has also made a series of videos, which make the teachings in the book very clear.

To learn more or make contact, please click the button below:


Holistic Online Learning and Homeschool Support with Amanda Maie.

A child centred approach; reminding students of their strengths and building on what they already know and how they learn best. Working together to help reignite their lifelong love of learning. Virtually, side by side. Individual and group Zoom sessions available.

Homeschool support, writing Education Plans, supporting the learning journey, accountability coach as well as facilitating local social connections.

For more information, please click button below:


  • 'WISC (Steiner) Workshops'

For Inspired Story and Craft. Put together by a collective of educators from local Steiner Schools.

For more information, please contact Libby at cotsenrolment@gmail.com


  • Anissa - Educator

Anissa, is an educator working with a team of people in the Northern Rivers to launch an education program for term 2.

For more information, please contact Anissa at anissa.k.cox@gmail.com


  • Bronwyn Hill - BANGALOW EDUCATOR

Bangalow Educator specialising in years 3,4,5,6

Can provide documents.

Love to connect.

Please email Bronwyn at bronwynhill62@gmail.com


  • Alli Barton - Primary School Educator

My name is Alli Barton I am a qualified primary school educator living in the Northern Rivers.

Would love to connect with Parents and Students in the local area.

Email: allijayebarton@outlook.com

Phone: 0481 983 335


  • RDActive Woodenbong

For Homeschooling and Know Your Rights information. Please contact Jaynee at Email: myjam@hotmail.com

Telegram: https://t.me/+E6ofVLwM4340OGU1



For Home Schoolers from Preschool - High School in the Northern Rivers:

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